Biography Open - Marc de Reuver

Biography Open - Marc de Reuver

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Open, Marc de Reuver, APPEARING March 2022

Marc de Reuver could be best described as a motocross rider who had all the talent in the world, only to never reach his full potential. After a long period of time, Marc was expected to be the new hope from the late 1990’s on. With his unrivaled technical style and speed he was destined to win multiple world championship. His life, however, turned out completely different.

“I’ve made so many stupid mistakes in my career, that I can now explain to young riders exactly what not to do during their careers.” It’s become Marc’s slogan over the years. After his career as a rider Marc has become an impressively successful trainer, one he probably would have benefited from himself as a rider.

In search of the reasons why Marc never reached the goals that were set for him by many, he doesn’t leave a stone unturned. Marc answers all questions about tough injuries, rumours of his nightlife escapades, alleged use of performance enhancing drugs and his mental breakdowns. Marc opens up about his life in the way he rode and still lives: completely open.

OPEN is a reconstruction of what happens if a talented athlete never has to work for his success and then, suddenly, hits a wall. What happens when you make so much money at a young age, but don’t have a clue what to do with it. How you can be the King on one day and a complete nobody on the next. How your biggest strengths can turn into your pitfalls.

Description Marc

Marc de Reuver (1983) started riding a motocross bike on his fifth birthday. From the moment he started riding he was regarded as the biggest talent from The Netherlands and, according to many, one of the biggest ever in the world. Through injuries, setbacks and mental struggles Marc’s career totals did not exceed four GP wins and eight Dutch national titles. After his career Marc has turned to assist young riders in their careers, with whom he has already won a European and world championship. His flamboyant style and appearance has made him one of the most popular people in the motocross paddock, even today.

Description Tim Gerth

Tim Gerth (1991) is a freelance journalist working for various media outlets, including, several editions of DPG Media and Red Bull Media. In recent years Tim has followed the motocross world closely. OPEN is his first book.