Q: What do I get exactly when I order a book?

A: When ordering a book during the pre-order promotion, you will receive a copy with a signature from Marc when the book is released.

Q: I ordered a book at Edicola before the pre-order opened, will this be signed as well?

A: All books ordered before the pre-order promotion through the website of Edicola will be autographed as well.

Q: How can I enter the competition for the Leatt jersey?

A: By ordering through this website you will be entered in the lottery for one of the limited number of Leatt retro jerseys. Each book purchased represents one ticket for the lottery. If you are ordering multiple books, it naturally increases the odds of winning a jersey.

Q: I have ordered my copy elsewhere, do I still get a signed copy?

A: Unfortunately, only the books ordered through this website or prior to the promotion from Edicola will be delivered including a signature.

Q: Is the release date final?

A: The exact release date is always subject to last minute changes. This can have several different causes. The scheduled release date for the Dutch version is set for 10 November 2021, while the international version is set to be released in March 2022.